Information Sheet

Study title: Seeing Music

Researchers: Dr Christine Cuskley (NCL), Dr Charalampos Saitis (QMUL), Sebastian Löbbers (QMUL)

Newcastle University Ethics Committee reference number: 11643/2020 

Queen Mary Ethics of Research Committee reference number: QMERC20.322 

Nature of the study: This study encompasses the Seeing Music visualization game and informational exhibit. The visualization game is about the kinds of associations people make between things they see and music they hear. You will listen to music and create a visualisation for it using a simple interface. The informational exhibit will include general knowledge questions and may ask you for general information about yourself that cannot be used to identify you (including your general age range, e.g., 18-24, gender, language background, etc.). Both parts of the study are conducted online, and you can spend as long as you like on the activities and return anytime.


Risks & Benefits: There are no known risks to participation in this study. Some parts of the exhibit feature audio, so please adjust your volume to a comfortable level. The only benefits to you personally are those you draw from contributing to our knowledge about music and the senses.

Confidentiality & Data Management: The data we collect cannot be associated with your name or with any other personal details or identifying information, as we will not ask you for this kind of information. Any collected data will be securely stored and only used for teaching or research purposes, in accordance with the data management policies of NCL and QMUL. Your responses may be released as part of an aggregate dataset for research purposes, e.g., as part of scholarly publications.

Voluntary participation: Your participation is voluntary, and you may stop playing at any time for any reason. To withdraw any data you have provided up to this point, go to your profile on the upper right on and click ‘Withdraw Data’. Alternatively, you may contact the experimenters with your unique code: None

Contact information: This research is being conducted by Sebastian Löbbers and Charalampos Saitis at QMUL and Christine Cuskley at NCL. Contact [email protected] for questions or to report a research-related problem. Contact Newcastle University Research Ethics at [email protected] if you have concerns regarding your rights as a participant in the research.

By agreeing to these terms, you consent:

You have the right to terminate your participation at any point. If you choose to withdraw your data will be deleted.